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Mini mōte Raven (Best for smaller items caplets/tablets etc)

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Mini mōte Raven is our stealthy, black on black mōte!

The Raven Mini mōte has a black base, black badge, black doors, black icons with a blue accent on one end. Best to carry caplets, tablets, yes Chapstick, smaller items where mōte XL the better option if you want to carry capsules and larger pills.

note - BUY the right mōte! Mini for smaller thinner items like caplets and tablets etc.  XL to carry bigger items like capsules, vitamins, larger pills. 

What is mōte?

The size of a credit card mōte is a micro sized CHILLBOX (not an old, bulky and ugly pill box) used to carry your life care essentials neatly, organized and in style.  

Imagine carrying your medicine cabinet in your pocket/wallet/purse.  Weighing less than 1 OZ and about the size of a credit card (85mmx55m and 7.5mm thick) mote takes up little crucial space.

Enter the world with confidence, live your best life, and be prepared for anything!

Mini mōte Raven (Best for smaller items caplets/tablets etc)

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