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about mōte


What is mōte?

mote is a micro sized container used to carry your life care essentials neatly, organized and in style.  Imagine carrying your medicine cabinet in your pocket/wallet/purse. 

Weighing roughly 7oz and about the size of a credit card (85mmx55m and 7.5mm thick) mote takes up little crucial space.

What makes mōte unique?

mote is a stylish, sleek, small, lightweight organizer and is a true game changer in humanities effort to always being prepared for life on the go.  mote is the worlds first “chillbox” and we are not a “pillbox”. 

What do the icons mean?

mote chambers are labeled so you can find what it is your carrying more easily.  You can decide what goes where and the icons just there to help.  Below are some examples but you can carry what you like where you like in mote.  For example the sun icon chamber can be used for a wax based sunblock or allergy pills or something else related to that icon.

Why icons?

Icons help the user identify what chamber is holding what. But remember, this is your mōte and you carry what you want! The icons simply serve as a reminder. The icons are your roadmap to find your stuff on the first try without having to open multiple chambers.

What fits and what doesn't?


– Most regular size aspirin and baby aspirin
– Mini altoids and smaller mints
– Wax based lip balm
– wax based sunscreen
– Wax based cologne+perfume
– Most antacids
– Lactaids
– Dental floss
– 2 Advil size pills
– Motion sickness pills
– Allergy pills
– Many round, square and rectangle shaped pills with a smaller convex. 


– Some capsule size pills, larger sized vitamins, thicker convex shaped pills.

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