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Yes, mōte fits right in your wallet!

What's in your wallet; cash, ID, credit cards? How about your medicine cabinet, toiletry bag and an entire pharmacy.

Your mōte, your choice.

The combinations are limitless of what you can now have with you while taking up virtually no extra space.

Life is a journey, be prepared for it with

Always operate at peak performance. No matter what obstacle life sends your way, mōte will have you feeling your best.  Stay on top of your game and feeling great when you bring mōte.

Be prepared while on the move, traveling, indoors or out with the world’s first mini luggage for your pocket! Whether planning your daily routine or that last minute adventure, mōte keeps you 100% prepared and feeling amazing!

You never know how a night will end or how the next day will start.  Out with friends, at a weekend getaway or that unexpected slow evening that went all night long. Keep your breath fresh, body smelling amazing, and other essentials at the ready to always be living life to the fullest! mōte keeps you feeling your best while having the time of your life.

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